Directed to express an opinion on the financial statements, in order to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement, the related statements of income, changes in equity, changes in the financial position and cash flows, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

We aimed to certify specific situations through special reports, of figures on one or several specific areas of the financial statements or certain aspects thereof, as well as for reports to be submitted to different entities, on special forms.

Focused on the analysis of the control procedures applied, issuing a concept to management on the appropriateness of these, and their improvements.

Service that seeks efficiency and cost-effectiveness of productive operations, within the company.

It analyzes the level of security and integrity of the data of companies whose operations are in high degree of automation, and it is necessary to evaluate the processes from a particular approach. This approach involves the analysis of the results, taking as a starting point the evaluation of controls, as well:

  • General controls systems in which we review the rules, policies and procedures, regarding strategic planning systems, methodology of life cycle of systems or applications, contingency plan, standards of security access, physical and logical, among others.
  • Specific controls of application through the analysis of four (4) issues: entrance, operating, process and output controls.

It analyzes the level of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the overall and specific processes of an entity, on the basis of analysis of outcome and process indicators, providing support to the senior management of an entity, to check in an optimum way, the implementation of strategies, previously established.