Peñalosa Auditores


Tax counseling

  • A permanent advice at national, departmental and municipal taxes; and timely fulfillment of tax obligations, tax planning, training, disclosure and update on tax matters.

Legal counseling

  • Preparation, review, analysis and legal concepts in the constitution of the companies and review of bylaws.

  • Certificate of registration of foreign capital.
  • Preparation of legal requirements to companies in legalization processes, such as the drafting of bylaws.

Counseling exchage and foreign trade

  • Advice on issues related to the exchange control regime, clearing accounts and international investment.
  • Advice on the legalization or processing of any import or export product, depending of policies, encumbrances and agreements of each country.

Financial counseling

  • Structuring, monitoring and optimization of investment and process of raising financial resources.

Administrative counseling

  • Review, organization and implementation of administrative processes.
  • Review of financial and cost accounting systems.
  • Methodology of inventory control, warehouses and maintenance workshops.
  • Methodology of elaboration of inventory and control of fixed assets.
  • Management of salaries and evaluation of employee liability.
  • Organization on the budgets and control system.