PEÑALOSA AUDITORES & ASOCIADOS S.A. is a well established firm of professional public accountants. The company was formed in 1964, under the name of Cuellar, Forero & Peñalosa. In 1969, the firm continued working under a new name G. Peñalosa & Asociados; in 1985 the company continued as A. Peñalosa & Cía. Ltda. Since 2002, by strategies at world-wide and national level, we operate as PEÑALOSA AUDITORES.

At national level, the firm has made strategic alliances in the major cities in Colombia, with organizations of public accountants, providing national coverage and strengthening attention to clients.

The philosophy of our organization is that of lending an integral service to all the clients to which we give a customized and constant support through the Partners, Directors and Professionals.

PEÑALOSA AUDITORES has always sought to be to the top firm of audit in Colombia, and has been accompanied by high level international organizations, providing stability, hierarchy and logistical and technical support in the areas of auditing and consulting.